Thursday, April 2, 2020

Ba-Be Girl Rattle

Ba-be Girl is a Celebration pillow rattle which can
hang on the wall or lay on a table or desk.

 She has a found wood handle and bead accents of clay,
African trades, horn discs and seed beads.

The rattle itself is 3" high  by 4" wide by 1.75" deep;
With the handles and strung accent beads
she is 4.75" wide and 9.75 high.

She is not just a "pretty face," the other side of her
boasts polks dots and green leaves...

BH 435 Ba-Be Girl Rattle $ 85.

This hand-formed CAT FACE RATTLE is all the 
encouragement anyone needs to abandon boring, habitual 
routines. The energy of the Cat supports flexibility 
to change and more open, honest thinking -
 remember Cats more than any other domesticated animal 
are known for their resourcefulness! 
 The aloofness of the Cat translates 
to a powerful warning - the best way to deal with 
difficult situations  is to step back from them 
and gain insight from the distancing. 
 Lastly, the cat is all about mystery, 
an asset which advances the personal power 
of being “mysterious” and creative in all things.

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