Sunday, September 30, 2018

Wasser Glass Meets Copper & Clay E A R R I N G S

These waffle Wasser slabs told me exactly what they 
wanted to be as they dropped to my work table from
 their Emily Cohen Florida Ziploc...

Even the interesting shapes of the waffle Wasser have a
unique appeal when layered atop a neutral rectangle 
of plain Wasser glass complemented by a 
clay Spirit Hole disc...

The combination of lightweight Wasser glass shapes 
& paper thin ceramic Spirit Hole discs 
makes these statement earrings such an easy wear...

I'm loving the asymmetrical cuts of Wasser...

...almost as much as this "Put-a-Cork-in-It!" wine bottle 
earring display by Floridian jewelry artist,
Emily Cohen!

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Sometimes it's nice to see how a piece of pottery
LOOKS as it's becoming a functional form...


The SW Vase above is constructed
with rough hand dug clay and has my signature 
hangie-downs to let you know when a curious cat
is investigation what's IN IT...

While the Fish Stenciled Vase has no such protection!

The Leaf Me Alone vase is much smaller 
and belted with leather from which both beads
 and a clay leaf hang. The opening
is lined with leaves which accent the floral blooms...

Both the Mikado (left) and Scrappie Vase are still
simple cylinders with pinch-strip collars; 
their form comes from what is there,
 their function from what is not there.

Revisiting My Clay Pots...

I took a workshop with a Vermont hand builder 
who made cylinders into amazing bottles, 
so I tried some as well
using my inlaid and transfer techniques...