Friday, January 17, 2020

All Stoneware, All Handmade Beads on a Slip Stitchery Necklace

OK, so I did measure the finished length of the wrap
 - 82" - 
but I didn't count how many beads I used.

I find I have extra "perfectly fine" beads because, 
when I make beads for earrings, I usually make 3,
 just in case there is a mishap in the firing...

More often than not I really don't know how many beads
 I will need to make a finished necklace or bracelet,
so I just make plenty...

In the end, I wind up with a nice array of handmade 
and hand formed beads which only have 
one thing in common...CLAY!

And they are what I used to make this fun piece!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The MEDEA Necklace

This triple strand necklace simply made itself...

The magnet closure makes it an easy wear!

Slip Stitchery Jewelry - Necklaces and Bracelet Wraps

What's better than a handmade necklace of  Bon Antique
Picasso beads, Tibetan DZI Rounds and Mykonos
oxidized copper flakes and fish closure...

A bracelet that can be either a bracelet or a necklace
and contains all of these things!

This one of Bon Antique Picasso tubes, teal waxed
linen cord, lime-blue glass Rondelles and a hunk of
semi-precious rock does the same thing...

It's both a necklace or a bracelet wrap!