Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Make It Memorable! EARRINGS

Hand painted ceramic Spirit Hole discs dangle from
a copper wire swing under a hand cut Emily Cohen
cultured blue beach glass disc. The ceramic discs
are finished on both sides so you look good
both coming and going...

Hand cut Emily Cohen red glass hearts hover over
a pair of cultured freshwater pearls. They are accented
with copper discs and red crystal bicones...

Two faced ceramic beads - one looking forward the 
other looking back - so the wearer can stay safely 
in the present!

Royal Copenhagen porcelain shards tumbled over
100 hours to smooth the edges, accented with blue 
cultured sea glass elliptical drops...

Turquoise art glass hearts from Emily Cohen on a 
silver bail and accented with speckled Wasser glass
rectangles beneath...

Spirit holes in clay each with four bites out of their 
edges and painted on each side with colorful
patterns. The cultured sea glass daggers make their
own point!

Matte mushroom glass beads in aqua are clustered
over scroddled clay Spirit Holes playfully

This time, the hand painted clay spirit holes are 
accented with cultured sea glass triangular rounds
making a statement all their own...