Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cream and Sugar Prototypes

So today I played around with tweaking
cream and sugar templates
I had previously made...

This pitcher is slightly larger than 
the original with more
slope to the back of it.

I never really finished the sugar bowl
design with the previous pitcher.

I like this sugar bowl design but feel
it has to be shorter.
Right now it looks like it could be
a tea caddy.

Now there's a thought...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tumbled Pottery Shard Pendants

Each one of these pottery shards
is a piece of someone’s vision.
They are an imagined bowl, cup or platter
headed for the Holiday table
or that special pitcher for the Maple syrup
served on Sunday mornings.

But somewhere en route
to their continued existence,
they met with an insurmountable hurdle.
This in no way lessens their value 
as a symbol of a dream.

Each smooth tactile piece of clay
embodies the process it took to ‘become’
 and to wear one
is to share in this inexplicable experience!

(Each shard may be worn with either side out.)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting a Handle (or two) on Your Cereal Bowl

Everyone should spend the morning
enjoying their favorite cereal
in a splendiferous bowl...

And a handle helps to keep that bowl
from slipping from one's grasp...

Even the big part of a spoon is the handle;
how else would we pick it up?

So it's great to have handles on both
your spoon AND bowl.

These also work well for soup...

Look for my bowls at the
Community Arts Center in
Wallingford, PA 
during their Empty Bowl Sale
this year.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Incomparable Cup

Discover how to construct a drinking vessel 
of true aesthetic force and great beauty – 
From mugs to steins to jorums and tea bowls, 
uncover the basic character and sensuality
 of any vessel 
intended to be caressed by human lips.

Don't miss this upcoming workshop on
Wallingford, PA


When I first started to hand build clay,

I used plain or textured clay slabs to construct my pots;

something I have come to call Clay Muslin.

I had no idea just how disconnected I would feel

from these pots once they got out of the bisque kiln!

Then I discovered I could go past this clay muslin stage

​and make Clay Fabrics from the slabs.

This process allows me to see how my pieces will LOOK

before I even know what they will be. 

Building from these clay fabrics 

makes dealing with the bisque fired pieces a breeze. ​

Too bad you missed the workshop on this technique
at the Community Arts Center.