Saturday, June 26, 2021

Pottery & Plate Shards

 July 24th 2021 from Noon - 4PM,
Blue Santa Beads & Boutique, Media, PA
will host "The Allure of Porcelain Blue'
a WORSHOP by Barbara Hanselman
on upcycling Vintage plate shards
into Art-to-Wear...

The pot shards in these first four pictures
are from ceramic plates, pots & trays which met
untimely mishaps in their functional existence...

Their breakage in no way detracts from their
appeal to be worn; the creators' energy shines
through their tragedies...

Their continuance is credited to the craft artists
who saw their potential to become even more
than they once were...

Vintage Blue & White Shards from English 
Johnson Brothers, Coaching Scene Plates,
will be featured at the Blue Santa event

As well as assorted Ceramic Clay Shards from
area Clay Artists. All of these shards spoke to
Emily Cohen and Barbara Hanselman, insisting
on the validity of their continued existence...

We're sure they will speak to you as well!
Barbara is also offering Workshop participants
the chance to transform their own broken & chipped
heirloom dishes into finished shards they can use
to create that special piece to wear...

Simply bring your sized plate shards to the shop
before the 4th of July with an indication on them
as to where you want holes drilled in them.

These raw plate shards ARE QUITE SHARP
so handle them carefully. The easiest way to
break them into small enough raw shards to use
as jewelry components is to place them in a
folded towel and whack them with a hammer.

Notice that shards don't have to match, only
complement each other to be used as earrings.

This pair was made from pot shards which had
patterns on each side, making them reversible!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Windchimes for the Deck & Garden

This is the latest three strand strung windchime I have
made for showing at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

These two which are totally copper wired together, 
are both at the Gallery on Park, Swarthmore. PA
but not for long...!

The wired ones take twice as long to make but are well
worth it when completed.

These two made during the Pandemic both
feature Coke bottle rings cut and tumbled smooth
by Emily Cohen, Catfish Studio.

These are also on their way to the Flower Show
Booth 123, Marcia Reiver Ceramics.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

2021 The Allure of BLUE

Whether it's handcut BLUE Vintage Wasser-glass Hearts
from Emily Cohen, Catfish Studio...

Or a Subtle Wash of BLUE Underglaze on Ceramic Clay...

Or Tumbled Daiquiri Freeze Glazed Stoneware Shards...

Or Deep Azure Blue Sea Glass Hangies...

Or Blue Celadon Porcelain Shards from Karen Sacks...

Or Ocean-mist Beach Glass Under Stacked Amber...

You'll LOVE the WEARING of the BLUE!