Saturday, December 12, 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Make It Memorable! EARRINGS

Hand painted ceramic Spirit Hole discs dangle from
a copper wire swing under a hand cut Emily Cohen
cultured blue beach glass disc. The ceramic discs
are finished on both sides so you look good
both coming and going...

Hand cut Emily Cohen red glass hearts hover over
a pair of cultured freshwater pearls. They are accented
with copper discs and red crystal bicones...

Two faced ceramic beads - one looking forward the 
other looking back - so the wearer can stay safely 
in the present!

Royal Copenhagen porcelain shards tumbled over
100 hours to smooth the edges, accented with blue 
cultured sea glass elliptical drops...

Turquoise art glass hearts from Emily Cohen on a 
silver bail and accented with speckled Wasser glass
rectangles beneath...

Spirit holes in clay each with four bites out of their 
edges and painted on each side with colorful
patterns. The cultured sea glass daggers make their
own point!

Matte mushroom glass beads in aqua are clustered
over scroddled clay Spirit Holes playfully

This time, the hand painted clay spirit holes are 
accented with cultured sea glass triangular rounds
making a statement all their own...


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pottery Shards Transformed...

Found Wood Topper with copper wire wrap bail
and copper curb chain.

Before these were shards, they were a demo pitcher
from my last class at Community Arts Center
in the Spring of 2020.

A selection of these shards are available at
Blue Santa Beads, Media, PA.
The necklaces and earrings are there too,
to give you some inspiration.


Copper Nugget Statements...

Bon seed beads, bamboo from my garden, 
fool's gold chunks & larger hollow copper chunks 
form this easy-to-wear double strand necklace 
with complementary earrings.

These were the nuggets left from making the two
necklaces pictured below...

Two necklaces designed to be worn together for
a full impact fashion statement. I used my favorite
Bon beads, Copper nuggets, my own hand painted and 
handmade ceramic tube & spacer beads.

Earrings to complement!


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Hand Painted, Hand Cut Components for Earrings...

Emily Cohen's handcut glass hearts 
are a great beginning for these hand painted components...

Some are accented with copper findings while others
are finished with silver findings...

Glass hearts are made fun with the inclusion of
geometric designs and these have it on both sides...

These also are patterned with what I call Cobblestones
on both sides but in different colorways...

Frosted cultured beach glass pieces make a great canvas
for simple as well as complicated lines, dots or swirls...

And these round ceramic clay discs also become
more interesting with patterns and color...

Opaque mauve glass handcut hearts become
plaid (on both sides) accented with facetted glass
drops and copper pinch bails... 

Even textured glass squares become more interesting 
with the addition of color and some underglaze
patterned clay Spirit Hole discs...

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

...And you thought copper wire was only for wiring a house!

16 gauge wire hammered flat into shapes or curves
are a great way to show off stones
 like these Jasper ovals...

Wire also is a complement to Vintage watch faces
especially when you place them back to back
on a pair of dangle earrings
so you look good both coming and going...

The Southwest patterns on these earthenware slabs
are also a good fit with copper wire; these two
are finished on both sides making them reversible...

Spirals can be mesmerizing! Combine them with
semi-precious Sodalite chunks to create earrings
with that winning combination...

Stoneware slab shards (finished each side) are
topped with copper coiled wire stems
which end in smaller spirals...

Faceted Oregon Opals dangle from these textured
copper buttons accented with copper wire
interlocking spirals...

And all of this wire was up-cycled by Linda Anderson
after completing some updates on her home; she
was kind enough to share it with me...

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Beach Glass Surprize!

My friend Emily Cohen has sent me so much of the
darker green tumbled beach glass pieces that I was
quite overwhelmed with what to do with all of it...

After windchimes, my first thought of course is 
E A R R I N G S !

After painting the glass with some geometric patterns
or cobblestone designs and baking them to set the 
colors, the translucency of the glass accents them...

Especially when they are worn outside on a bright
sunny day at the beach!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Flamework and Semi-Precious Beads to Wear...

Necklaces can be simply a fluted copper focal bead
on a snake chain...or a copper coil topped rectangle
of cultured glass with complementary earrings...

But what would the glass in these earrings be without
the amethyst slices which hang beneath...Another
great wearable bead is hand formed using the flame
work method as represented by these four totally
different necklaces below...

Earrings of flamework donuts with Amethyst and
copper wire accents are a marriage made in heaven.

Semi-precious Agate cut & polished into a multitude
of shapes lend themselves to very wearable earrings.

Then it's back to flame work opaque glass donuts 
and opalescent rounds again for the ear...