Saturday, May 25, 2019

MORE Girls Just Wanna' Eat Lunch Earrings by Emily Cohen

Catfish Studio knows just how to deal with 
TIME pieces and their parts...

She makes them into the coolest earrings!

How about this pair 
for your next dinner party wearing...

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Pierced Wasser & Clay Earrings

Vibrant teal Wasser glass rectangles suspended from
copper hangers and accented with textured clay discs.

Charcoal pierced Wasser glass, blackened steel
and hand painted spirit hole discs

Irregular pierced pieces of Indigo Wasser hoover over 
hooped Egyptian earthenware scarabs...

Taupe Window Wasser glass pieces, fancy bails,
textured stained clay ovals & pink Wasser
stalactite hangies...

Pierced grey Wasser triangles show off a pair of
hand painted spirit hole stoneware discs...

Melon Wasser squares married to hand painted
scroddled spirit hole discs.

Friday, May 3, 2019

South West Personal Pitcher

It's so nice to have a new glaze make such a
statement on a patterned form...

This one is the matte Blueberry from Georgie's
accenting my Southwest Border impressions
Intaglio mat design...

It is on a 'one piece' personal pitcher;
the inside has been glazed with Mayco Cinnabar
and the clay used is Standard 710 stoneware.

Not everyone realizes that ALL of the factors -
clay body, glaze color & application, firing methods -
all play a role in the outcome of each piece.