Sunday, October 20, 2019

ORANGE, It's Not Just For Halloween Anymore...

Speckled orange Wasser glass shapes 
arrived from Emily Cohen yesterday, just in
time for Autumn earring fashioning...

Many of my Spirit Hole discs have a touch of this 
unryhme-able color, so including an orange
Wasser shape in them was a no-brainer...

The flecks on the orange glass are complimented
by shades of green, so Coke bottle sea glass
was a natural go-to...

Thanks, Emily

Wasser Glass Swiss Cheese Shapes Make Fun Earrings...

All of my Wasser glass & beach glass 
components are from
Emily Cohen, Catfish Studio...

Even the lavender JADE semi-precious retangles
in the above pair came from Emily...

Talk about wearing something folks will
have to gab about 
- coral, aubergine & turquoise -
Oh, MY!

Or this sophisticated pair called, 
"Give Me a Hand,"
complete with two grey cat heads...

All fun and easy to wear AND
bound to start a conversation!

Sunday, October 6, 2019