Sunday, February 24, 2019

Clay Camp TEAPOT

Built in the soft fabric-look style and glazed
to look like leather with textured complements,

My first Oliver Teapot!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Not a Headpin In Sight!

Beach glass shards tumbled smooth and 
drilled with holes can make an awesome
pair of earrings!

This time it's beach glass buttons which
take center stage as an earring
component. Hand formed and decorated
ceramic clay discs hang in the balance...

Red Wasser glass - lightweight and festive - 
suspended from a decorative copper bail and 
brushed copper ring...

There's that red Wasser glass again, this
time along for the ride with incredibly thin
clay discs transfer printed with rice paper

Hand Formed Headpins & Earrings

Many earrings are 'built' on a headpin.
In the above pair, the hand formed headpin
was made with a spiral bottom design
to carry the hanging clay squares...

This entire earring is made on a headpin;
if you look carefully, you will detect the flat
copper spiral under the last disc which is
really the bottom of the headpin...

This headpin (with a eye pin top) has a simple
diagonal square bottom which holds my
hand painted spirit hole disc under the clay
carved tube bead above it.
Each spirit hole disc is accented with a pair 
of wavy copper spacer discs... 

Friday, February 1, 2019

More on Making Earrings...

I love making earrings with my many Spirit Hole discs...

...accented with Wasser Glass shapes

and hand cut faux sea glass hearts from Emily Cohen.

The combination makes a fabulous 'look-at-me'
pair of earrings...

Not to mention lightweight and easy-to-wear!