Friday, January 17, 2020

All Stoneware, All Handmade Beads on a Slip Stitchery Necklace

OK, so I did measure the finished length of the wrap
 - 82" - 
but I didn't count how many beads I used.

I find I have extra "perfectly fine" beads because, 
when I make beads for earrings, I usually make 3,
 just in case there is a mishap in the firing...

More often than not I really don't know how many beads
 I will need to make a finished necklace or bracelet,
so I just make plenty...

In the end, I wind up with a nice array of handmade 
and hand formed beads which only have 
one thing in common...CLAY!

And they are what I used to make this fun piece!

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