Thursday, April 30, 2020

2020 Pandemic Remembrance WindChimes

Whether they hang indoors or out in the garden, 
W I N D  C H I M E S
are a constant reminder of the event they commemorate.

The two above are made with 400 C-lon slip stitch crochet 
with Emily Cohen's hand cut and tumbled coke bottle
rings and cultured sea glass shards interspersed with
Bon trade beads and my handmade clay beads.

All of this series includes Emily's coke bottle rings
- it's the real thing -
with hand dug bamboo-root top supports.
(Detail of above windchime below)

Various glass and clay components are copper wired
in place to form very durable garden wind chimes.
They all also have the addition of small copper bells
in their strands for that subtle tingle...

This last windchime has the addition of tube beads 
made from the bamboo which grows here in
This 5-strand chime is hand strung on
waxed linen...

Designed by Barbara Hanselman
Please contact for availability

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