Friday, November 29, 2019

Fun Earrings for Winter Wearing

You can never go wrong with Wasser glass
and hand painted clay discs...

Wasser glass 'Swiss Cheese' style 
with Mykonos glazed clay coins and turquoise 
glass Marquise flats supporting it all.

Mykonos high glazed clay shapes, wired
together by weaving with an Earthenware
"Sputnik" hangie underneath.

Mint Jullep "Swiss Cheese" style Wasser glass
shapes suspended from a hand formed copper
hook & jump rings'''

Stoneware "button mold" beads which look woven
and topped with stacked wood discs and
Bonn Beads Picasso Czech trades.

Smoky Quartz chunks swing nicely from
clay button mold beads acc ented with lemon
yellow African trades and horn tubes.

Then back to double Wasser shapes under
a stoneware hand painted ring and copper...

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