Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hand Building Ceramic Clay Workshop January 2015
Do you know how to make invisible seams? Create hollow handles? Hand build a form and dart, stretch or manipulate the clay you are using into a rewarding form? Tried and true HAND BUILDING tricks of the trade will be explored in this one day workshop with Barbara Hanselman and Marcia Reiver as they do dual demonstrations which employ pre-sized templates to hand build appealing cups and pots.

Starting with the exact same templates, they will each do their own take on how the piece will look upon completion. They’ll also effortlessly form flanged lids and ease-mold CUTEsie scent bottles, vases and pitchers.

The basis of this class is exploration, so in addition to hand building with pre-sized templates, Barbara and Marcia will demonstrate how to impress surface patterning into clay slabs, mold cool handles, form Gillette leaves and tape glaze a bisque pot.

The focus will be totally on the process and techniques with no actual glazing or glaze firing being done. Come embrace the secrets of basic clay construction with like-minded clay enthusiasts and discover all that clay is capable of becoming.

Participants should bring:
1. Basic clay supplies to include a clay scalpel or knife, needle tool, pony roller, scoring tool, Teflon ribs, throwing stick, dowels, container for water, brushes, sponge.
2. Clay or clay slabs rolled to 1/4” thickness on drywall ware boards.
3. 18” rolling pin and Cloth hand towels.
4. Notebook, pencil or pen, scissors, oak-tag weight cardboard for templates.
5. Ruler (preferably an 18” clear drafting style one).
6. Attaching slurry for clay being used made from ½ vinegar, ½ water, dry clay.
7. 1/4” & 3/16” Pairs of basswood rolling sticks (available at AC Moore).
Woven hand building mat 27” x 27” cut from cotton-backed Naugahyde.
8. Corrugated cardboard, textures, molds

INTAGLIO 7”x 9” flexible impressing mats, some tools as well as finished clay work will be for sale.

  Barbara Hanselman started her adventure in clay 20 years ago and is recognized by her hand built featherweight pots and terra sigillata enhanced ceramic clay beads. Her work has been acknowledged with awards at Strictly Functional Pottery Nationals, the Pennsylvania Guild Exhibitions, and at several area art center shows. Lark Books chose two of her bowls to appear in their 2003 publication, “500 Bowls” and selected her transfer printed bowl, “What’s in a Word…” to appear in their 2006 publication, “Image Transfer on Clay.” Her classes/workshops on Clay Hand Building Techniques, Clay Rattles and Making Beads in Clay are offered at local art centers and my clay work is available for purchase online as well as through select galleries.
   Marcia Reiver began her art career as a graphic designer. But customers don’t always allow you to be creative. She needed an outlet, so she went back to an old love…pottery. Her pottery designs have been inspired by Russian architecture, a variety of fabric patterns, the periods of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Mission, as well as Native American pottery. Her pottery has been shown at fine craft shows up and down the east coast, as well as in Wave Hill’s Garden Shop in the Bronx, Tyme Gallery in Havertown, and has been published in 500 Tiles, 2008, by Lark Books and 500 Raku, 2011, by Lark Books.

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