Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Healing Rattle for a Friend

Two weeks ago I found out that a good friend's other half is going to need chemo so I set about to make her a healing rattle...I left waxed linen strands on the tails so she can add her own talisman and charms from friends and family members.

Many cultures believe in Healing RATTLES 
and their capacity to dispel illness and dis ease. 
These Rattles are credited with being able to 
awaken the human spirit, drive out negative 
energies and center personal focus.  
My versions of these Rattles are hand formed 
and adorned with symbols of wellness; 
they are shaped to be grasped.  
During times of despair, medical treatments 
or loneliness, the Rattle should be gently 
shaken to the beat of one’s heart. 
RATTLES do help us to ground; 
their sound is powerful and magical, 
producing an incomparable energy all their own. 

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