Thursday, September 2, 2021

Feng Shui Indoor Wind Chimes to Sooth the Soul...

Feng shui is an ancient Asian art of placement;
the term means "wind-water" and refers
to the art of harmonizing with the environment.
Wind chimes are feng shui remedies
that help to balance existing chi.
They work with feng
-- wind energy --
to redirect or enhance chi.
A wind chime hung by a back door that is directly
in line with the front door will prevent
all the good chi from rushing right through
and out of your house.
Wind chimes near an open window keep energy
circulating when you are away all day.

Thick pottery shard pieces cut and tumbled by
Emily Cohen married to some of her hand cut 
red plexi-glass discs, semi-precious stars and 
my own garden bamboo.

Mel the Bell has been transformed into an indoor
Feng Shui chime with a nice red tongue clapper.
African trade beads and EMILY pot shards
form the bell cord.


My long tongued Giraffe bell of stoneware
clay has, in addition to it's clapper legs, beaded
strands to lightly strike the bell body in a moving
The gently tinkling music of wind chimes in
a soft breeze is meant to relax all within earshot.
Hang your wind chimes indoors,
where they will amplify the good energy of your
home and contribute melodic interludes
as an occasional draft stirs them.
Beach glass, pottery plate shards, metal beads,
found objects, bamboo or wood all make musical
and ornamental indoor wind chimes.

Wind Chime; by reading where all the
parts came from, you can see why! 


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