Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Currier & Ives Plate Shard Pendants Celebrating the Garden!

It's amazing how many interesting shards 
can come from a single broken plate!

In 1923 the early works of Currier and Ives
passed into public domain, making them available
for reprint or duplication.
Many companies took advantage
of the charming lithographic images to enhance
their products but none more successfully than
The Homer Laughlin Company.

From the late 1940s to the mid-1950s,
The Homer Laughlin China Company produced
a line known as Americana.
Although their line of Currier & Ives was short lived,
it is recognized as the first ware of its kind
to successfully translate the transfer patterns
found on expensive English china
onto quality everyday dinnerware.

However, it's a fact of life, that things break. 

The countless shards from one Currier & Ives 
Americana plate still contain the creative energy 
which brought about it's inception, 
so to transform the clay shards into clay-to-wear 
simply means that someone gets to experience
 the artistic visions of the original makers.

Plate Shard pendants are also wonderful carriers of
essential aromatherapy oils!


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