Thursday, May 10, 2018

Philly Earrings...

Philadelphia Pennsylvania has many identifying icons 
from the Liberty Bell to Rocky atop the steps of the Art Museum 
but the one image which always says Philly to me is 
a soft pretzel with mustard! 
Sure, plenty of cities tout soft pretzels 
but request some mustard for your pretzel purchase 
and the first thing you hear is, “You from Philly?” 

From one of those interactions, came the idea for 
“PHILLY EARRINGS Worn by Authentic Philadelphia Gals.” 

Individual soft pretzels were carefully hand shaped
 in ceramic clay and many were ‘salted’ 
with under glaze dots before being fired. 
Once out of the kiln, the tiny pretzels 
were paired with mustard color bead accents
 to form the beginnings of Philly Earrings. 

Each pair comes on it’s very own stand-up 
Philly Gal card allowing you to leave your pair 
proudly displayed on your dresser 
when they’re not being worn… 

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