Monday, December 18, 2017

Cheltenham Center for the Arts Members' Show Entry

I just finished up my piece for the Member's Show 
at Cheltenham Center for the Arts
and renewed my membership there for 2018. 
What a privilege to belong a center which strives to do it's utmost 
to support the arts in the Cheltenham neighborhood 
and provide ceramic studios for all of us 
who exist to have our hands in clay. 

Did you know that in addition to supporting the center 
by being a member you can also be a sponsor of the Members' show
for as little as 15 bucks...? 
Being a member, having a piece in the show and sponsoring the event 
are three way of saying thank you to the director, board and staff 
for a whole year of programs we can't live without, 
so, yes it is important. 

The meaning of the Pentaphilia necklace lies in the five parts of the bib 
signifying Change, Freedom, Adventure, Transformation, Idealism, 
Motivation, Individualism, Imagination and Knowledge. 
The number five“5” symbolizes the need for change or coming changes, 
usually in the form of positive transformations. 
Movement itself is freedom; in the hands of an imaginative individual, 
knowledge leads to trans-formative adventures 
resulting in positive changes!

Pentaphilia is made from chocolate stoneware clay hand decorated with 
under glaze patterning on both sides, making it reversible 
and able to be worn as two different necklaces. 

A complementary pair of earrings
 are also part of the ensemble and reverse as well.

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