Friday, May 26, 2017

Playful Catchall Trays

 Not content to just use a simple glaze when I make a tray,
I have resorted to using lots of different things
to create an interesting finish...

For instance, I'll sometimes use more than one clay body
or actually smear one clay body on the other like I did above
to create the sensation of clouds.

Then there's the back of the tray; isn't it fun to turn one over
and find a surprise like these infinities bordering the edge?

This smaller tray is made from clay which had been printed
with an underglaze decal, but only on part of it.
The hand drawn leaves and dots were used to form a connection
between the two patterns...

And the reverse side of this 3" x 4" tray 
also has the surprize border of hand drawn leaves.

One of my favorite trays decorated totally with Designer Liners and
underglazes both front and back before being clear glazed.

A 4" x 4" ScrapBach tray with squares of a contrast clay body
and Designer Liner accents both front and back...

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