Friday, March 24, 2017

Pinch Pot Bells in the Making...

Stoneware was pinched into a soft bell shape and allowed
to totally dry in that shape...

Then black terra sigillata, green underglazes & Mayco Designer Liners 
were used to decorate the outside of the bell shape.

The cat Talisman bell was pinched from scroddled stoneware clays
first the body, then the head which contains clay pebbles to rattle...

When leather hard, underglazes were added for color and the body 
was carved with a texture.
The bell itself is two faced with one cat looking to the past
and the other to the future so the person hanging it
can stay centered...

Hot out of the kiln, both the Leaves and Two Faced Cat Bell.
Too many clapper choices for the cat!

The pinched greenware Monster bell is enough to ward off the 
meanest of garden visitors...
The bulging eyes were accented with underglaze when the bell
was leatherhard and the clay used was scroddled stoneware.

Once bisque fired, underglaze lines and dots were applied.
The colors will change drastically after firing; a clapper tongue
will be hung from the inside and a cord from the top.

Out of the kiln!

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