Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making TRAYS in CERAMIC CLAY and Cool Ways to Finish Them!

I will be offering this Summer Workshop
at Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.
One of the things I will be sharing with participants
is finishing a tray with Underglazes, a Dotter & an Outliner.

Participants will be able to practice this technique on a 
white bisque tile.  For example, I painted underglazes on two different
white bisque tiles as shown above and below.

Then when the three coats of underglaze have dried,
I used underglaze in an Outliner and on a Dotter to complete
the two different patterns shown below...

These 6" x 6" tiles created by participants will be clear glazed 
and fired by the Art Center and be ready to pick up
a week or so after the Workshop.

I also plan to have each participant take home an
Outliner to use in future projects of their own.

This technique can then be used on any of the trays
made by Workshop participants to create 
awesome looking pieces...

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