Friday, May 22, 2015


I bet you have no idea what a scrapbach is!
Well, let me tell you... When David Weisenbach
creates DropBach trays for ceramic clay, 
he has scraps and these scraps married
together in various designs
become ScrapBachs!

 Now that you know what they are, let me show you
some of the many things I can do with them...

 This shape when foam pressed into a circle of clay,
makes an interesting folded looking dish.
I'll have to try this with a larger circle
and see what happens...

This weird shape can be folded in to create 
a dipping bowl which pours.
Again these are just prototypes I am playing
around with forming...

And this shape makes an interesting creased
dish or catchall as well.  None of these
are huge, quite the contrary...

I'll keep playing with different sizes and shapes of clay
with these and share the results...
Oh, what fun!

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